For Referring Physicians

We look forward to being able to help serve your patients!  We do require a referral from a physician in order to schedule with one of our providers.  We need a complete work-up, labs and any testing or imaging done prior to this referral.  In order to adequately evaluate your patient and provide the best care possible, below is some information that is extremely helpful prior to an appointment.

  • Patient Name
  • Date of Birth
  • Primary Concern/Referral Reason

When a patient is scheduled, we ask that the below are faxed to our office as soon as possible:

  • Progress notes (any urologic related; and most recent)
  • Labs
    • Urinalyses
    • Urine cultures
    • PSAs (current and previous)
    • Creatinine
    • CBC, CMP
  • X-rays, please fax the report and have the patient hand carry a copy of the CD to our office

~When patients are referred for Frequent UTIs, cultures (beyond dipsticks) are necessary to help our physicians analyze this frequent history and determine the best course of action for future treatment.

~When patients are referred for elevated PSA, BPH, etc, any PSA history is extremely helpful to look at trends.


Have a question?  Don’t hesitate to contact our office.